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Reeds Lake

Reeds Lake is a freshwater lake near East Grand Rapids, Michigan, in the United States. It is adjacent to the suburb’s modern-day city center and serves as a symbol for the community. It was once the site of an early-20th-century amusement park and resort popular with residents of nearby Grand Rapids. It is surrounded on most of its north, east, and south sides by private dwellings, and on its west and northwest beaches by public parks, municipal buildings, and a few enterprises. The lake is 265 acres in size and reaches a maximum depth of 52 feet. It is located at a height of 732 feet above sea level. Drainage from the surrounding region feeds the lake. Fisk Lake receives its discharge; the two were originally connected by a natural creek that was expanded and extended by a steam dredge. The lake is a home for the great blue heron, as well as for various Anatidae species, such as the Canada goose, trumpeter swan, and duck, and other waterfowl such as coots and gulls. At the lake, bald eagles occasionally hunt. Northern pike and largemouth bass are among the fish species stocked in the lake by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. The lake is fished all year, from piers, shore, and boats during the summer, and ice fishing during the winter. Reeds Lake had become a popular day-trip destination for residents of Grand Rapids and the neighboring areas by the 1870s. Between 1897 and 1955, Ramona Park, an amusement park owned and managed by the Grand Rapids Street Railway Company, which maintained regular service between Grand Rapids and Reeds Lake, was a favorite destination for local families. In the early 1900s, the Point Paulo resort was located on Reeds Lake. Reeds Lake and the Ramona Theater (which was part of Ramona Park) were favorite stops on the Vaudeville tour for several Vaudeville performers. John Collins Park is located on the lake’s west bank. A public boat launch is available during daytime hours, and the East Grand Rapids High School rowing team has a private boathouse and pier. It features wheelchair-accessible walking routes, bathrooms, and lakeside fishing/observation platforms. Waterfront Park, built in the early twenty-first century, is located on the lake’s northwest bank. It has 11 acres of unspoiled woods and marsh, as well as fishing and viewing piers that extend into the lake and a combination of paved and unpaved foot pathways. East Grand Rapids Middle School, East Grand Rapids City Hall, the East Grand Rapids Department of Public Safety (police and fire), the East Grand Rapids Public Library, and the East Grand Rapids Community Center are all located along the lake’s southwest coast. Behind City Hall is a public canoe/kayak launch. Grand Rapids Yacht Club, Rose’s restaurant, and two tiny private marinas are among the private enterprises near the west end of the lake.

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