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The Midtown neighborhood is nestled between the East Hills, Fulton Heights, and Heritage Hill communities in Grand Rapids, Michigan. People in the Midtown neighborhood have a long history of banding together to improve the area. After a fire destroyed the Baxter Laundry in the early 1980s, the Midtown Neighborhood Association was created. Neighbors banded together and successfully rallied to transform it into a park, which is now known as Midtown Green Park. Neighbors banded together about a decade ago to gather cash to renovate the over 100-year-old Fulton Street Farmers Market. Due to a wide range of housing possibilities, the Midtown area is popular with college students and empty-nesters alike. It also has everything from coffee shops and bakery shops to a charming upmarket market, and it is close to the Medical Mile. There are a few small-scale eateries here, all of which have a welcoming, homey atmosphere. Houseman Field, Fulton Street Cemetery (Grand Rapids’ oldest public cemetery), The Midtown Green, and the Fulton Street Farmers Market are all located in Midtown. Fulton Street Farmers Market is the city’s main source of fresh local vegetables and the Grand Rapids area’s longest-running farmers market that opened in 1922. Midtown is home to a diverse range of locally owned and operated companies. Midtown companies continue to stretch out and flourish. In 1981, Chamelly established Martha’s Vineyard as a wine boutique at 200 Union Avenue. Chamelly’s guests may now find much more than wine at the intersection of Lyon and Union, thanks to the Nantucket Baking Company and the Lyon Street Café. For Midtown locals, the junction has become a gathering spot for friends from all over the city, as well as a landmark stop-of-all-trades. Martha’s Vineyard, which sells cheese, meat, sweets, wines, and more, Grand Butcher’s, which sells all-natural meats, and The Cheese Lady, which has over 140 cheeses from across the world, are some of the favorites. In this neighborhood, there are several nooks, lanes, and business complexes to discover. The Lyon Street Run club, community brewery, and coffee shops keep the spirit of Grand Rapids’ early neighborhoods, including the age of homes and color palette, but they’re modernized with the Lyon Street Run club, local brewery, and coffee shops. Midtown has a wide range of dining options. Grand Coney, The Omelette Shoppe, Birch Lodge, Cakabakery, and 7 Monks Taproom are a few of our favorites. Van’s Pastries, Rakowski Market, Madcap, and Spike & Mike’s all contribute to the lively atmosphere on East Fulton Street. Midtown Green Park is a tiny, open grassy place with a level surface and is a great place to read a book or relax in the sun.

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