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Creston was once farmland before becoming a working-class streetcar suburb of Grand Rapids in the late 1800s. The Creston moniker came from the first neighborhood association, which was founded in 1906. The Creston area in Grand Rapids, Michigan, contains little over 24,000 residents and is where the city meets nature. Creston, in North Grand Rapids, is recognized for its diverse culture, distinctive local shops, and magnificent murals. It is located just east of the Grand River. Creston, as one of Grand Rapids’ largest neighborhoods, offers a diverse range of affordable housing options, from cottages and Craftsman-style bungalows to townhouses and spacious apartments. Families may also find reputable schools in the area, such as All Saints Academy and City High Middle School. This neighborhood is the city’s largest greenspace with a modest suburban vibe, tree-lined streets, and parks and offers a charming neighborhood with a historic feel. Creston, which is home to some of our favorite newer restaurants and established businesses in greater Grand Rapids, is already a fantastic neighborhood, but it is growing in popularity and business. 3 Mile to the north, Riverside Park to the west, Leonard St. to the south, and Dean Lake Ave. to the east define the Creston neighborhood. Riverside Park, a 100-acre expanse located alongside the Grand River, is one of the numerous parks in the Creston area. There are baseball fields and a disc golf course, as well as tabletop ping pong and picnic areas. Another nearby park, Aberdeen Park, has a new splash pad, and Creston is one of just three areas in the city that still maintains a community pool, Briggs Park Pool. In Grand Rapids, Creston is becoming a center for artists. Several murals may be seen around the area. There are a few galleries, and the Creston Neighborhood Association conducts Art Bash for Creston every year, a fundraiser in which artists make live art and then auction it off at the end of the night to earn money for the neighborhood. Creston Brewery also organizes live music, spoken word poetry, drum circles, and other events as part of its objective to provide a creative place. The DAAC, music, and arts facility that was formerly located along Division Avenue, and Gaia, a vegetarian and vegan restaurant that was previously located in the East Hills neighborhood, are also slated to relocate to the neighborhood. Become a member at Kent Country Club and enjoy a fast nine holes of golf, a game of pickleball, or a few laps in the pool. Choo Choo Grill has a Cheddar Bacon Melt, Patty Melt, or Fishwich & Cheese. At Lucy’s Cafe in Grand Rapids, try the Spicy Hash or the Vegan Skillet with Cashew Cream. Take a bite out of Vitale’s Chicken Alfredo Pizza, Stromboli, or Chicken Pesto Panino. At Graydon’s Crossing, you can get some bar food and local beers like a Petoskey Super Trooper or a Saugatuck Oval Beach Blonde. Or, at Too Tall’s – Tasty Treats, purchase an ice cream cone with the Flavor of the Week.

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