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Places to Visit in Grand Rapids, MI

Ottawa Hills

This historic area on the Grand Rapids southeast side boasts attractive post-World War I houses. After the second of two golf courses closed and sold its land back to the city, Ottawa Hills was born in 1922 as a medium-sized neighborhood in Grand Rapids’ booming Southeast end. Ottawa Hills is one of Grand Rapids’ most cherished vintage 1920’s neighborhoods. There are a lot of English Tudor and medieval cottage styles in the neighborhood. Owners commissioned local architects and builders to create beautiful Georgian, French Eclectic, and Southern Colonial residences, as well as at least one romantic Italian Renaissance confection, in keeping with 1920s fashions. The residences were supplied with the most contemporary kitchens, bathrooms, and heating and cooling systems, while being fashioned in historical designs prevalent at the time. Even though Ottawa Hills is a tiny neighborhood in Grand Rapids, Michigan, it has a lot to offer. The Grand Rapids Public Library Ottawa Hills Branch is one of the greatest places to spend some time. The library hosts a variety of programs for both adults and children, as well as offers a secure and enjoyable environment for individuals to spend their time. Every August, an ice cream party is hosted at Pontiac Field for locals to get to know one another and enjoy their community. Aside from ice cream, there are entertaining activities for people of all ages, such as neighborhood trivia and face painting. The Ottawa Hills Community Association maintains a calendar of events in the neighborhood and even hosts Michigan’s longest-running parade. The Hollyhock Lane Procession, which originated as a bike parade in 1934, takes place every year on July 4th. An Easter Egg Hunt, Ice Cream Social, and Garden Tour are just a few of the year’s highlights. Every year on the first Saturday in June, the Garden Tour takes place, with many locals opening up their gardens for visitors to enjoy. Once a year, the Easter Bunny visits Grand Rapids Christian Elementary School and hides Easter eggs across the playground for the kids to locate. Even on rainy days, children love the swings, shops, basketball courts, tennis courts, and large open green areas at Pontiac Park. There isn’t a farmer’s market, a brewery, or a grocery in the area. There aren’t many reasons to visit Ottawa Hills for more than a weekend, but there are plenty for those wishing to make a more permanent relocation to a pleasant and supportive community.

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